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Building Envelope Design


RS Architecture and Design Studio offers our clients complete building envelope analysis and design services, including below grade waterproofing, podiums, balconies, exterior wall assemblies, door window openings, and roof assemblies. Our team works with our clients on new construction, repairs, reconstruction, and modernization. In RS Architecture and Design Studio specialized in facade design including:

Concrete facades
Ceramic facades
HPL facades
Glass facades
Aluminium facades
Copper facades
Zinc facades
Mosaic facades
Perforated facades
Media facades

Our care and attention should be given to their design to ensure the building stands up to critical observation from near and afar. It is essential that all building elevations are considered and designed as an integral part of the overall development.

For highly proficient building envelope design services; contact us at info@rsarchitecture-studio.com or request a quote.

RS Architecture Services

RS Architecture + Design Studio is active in the fields of architectural design, interior design, detailed – construction design, building envelope design, scenography (set design), illustrations, 3D modeling, landscape architecture.

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