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Alpha Bank Headquarters

Alpha Bank Headquarters

The building is developed on four floors, one of which is sunken below ground level in order to comply with planning height requirements. The main building structure of a total area of 4220 m2 arranged in two longitudinal, parallel three-story wings that intercommunicate at every level by means of transversal footbridges. The steel roof of the building bears a skylight, constructed lengthwise. Ample daylight is provided throughout the building, even to the lower floors, by the atrium, which is cut through the whole length of the building. The atrium incorporates free-standing staircases, open corridors, glazed lifts, public activities and a roof specially designed to admit daylight and allow natural ventilation.

The entrance to the main building is through a yard, protected by a glazed, sound-deflecting wall.

The building’s façade is a composition of fixed and operable double-glazed windows, at the eye-level, and aluminum cladding. A secondary, translucent, free-standing glazing is introduced, for sun-shading purposes; the maintenance of the façade is possible though a catwalk at the floor level, which is concealed by the glass sun-shade panels.
Façade shop drawings, construction detail drawings and material work orders for all required materials were delivered to the construction company.

(Photography by: Nikos Stavritis)


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Alpha Bank Office Building Headquarters


Building Headquarters


A.N. Tombazis & Associates Architects


B1 + GR + 2


Engineering - Detailed design,
Shop Drawings
Construction Detail Drawings
Material Work Order of Glass Façade - Completed

Technical Data

Glass Façade Area: 1200 m2
Glass Sunshades Area: 1350 m2
Glass Sound Barrier Area: 500 m2
Stet façade system; for Alutotal S.A.


Athens, Greece


2007 - 2008