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Courtyard Landscaping and Surrounding Grounds

Courtyard Landscaping


We are interested in landscape designs for our courtyard as well as the surrounding perimeter of the house.

Courtyard Landscaping and Surrounding Grounds for a Villa in L.A. California, 2017.

Courtyard Landscaping Presentation Board


The house sits on a slight hill and the courtyard area rolls off the side of the hill towards a shared driveway. We would like to flatten out as much of the courtyard space as possible so that the area can be useable. The existing retaining walls for the edge of the courtyard have deteriorated, and need to be replaced. I’m hoping that in the process of replacing the retaining wall and building them higher, the entire courtyard can be leveled out. We will also need an entranceway into the courtyard through the retaining walls / fencing. We want to move the entranceway staircase from where it currently is farther down the hill. Perhaps as far as next to the garage.

We think that like in the original architects rendering, that pavers would be nice for the walkway to the front door, and that the area closest to the house would be nice as a grass play area. The surrounding perimeter is where are interesting in experimenting. Fencing? Decorative plants? Planters? Built in seating? Water feature? Table seating Giant tree? BBQ grilling area? Slightly elevated deck? Sunked seating?

We are not sure if we want to keep the three trees we already have. One of them has large roots which are pushing up the driveway and surrounding hardscape.

Side of garage:

We would like some landscaping to contrast with the cement board siding in place. There is a picture of the cement board section, under a balcony in the project “uploads”.

Rochedale Way, street side of house:
We would like to replace the existing landscaping with new landscaping. This side has the most steep incline. Considering leveling a portion to to put in a small basketball hoop / court area. The blue color is the picture is primer, not final paint color. The final color is a deep blue.


The house is modern with walls of glass, wood siding, and cement board.

Deliverable Details:

  • Plan drawing(s) (in appropriate scale)
  • Section and/or Elevation drawing(s) where needed (in appropriate scale)
  • Perspective View(s) where appropriate

Submission Deadline:
12/25/2017 11:59 pm EST

Results Announced:
01/01/2018 11:59 pm EST

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Courtyard Landscaping - RS Architecture and Design Studio


Landscape Competition


RS Architecture + Design Studio
Architecture & Design by Rena Santamouris
Creative Director: Emmanuel G. Mavros


Courtyard Landscaping and Surrounding Grounds in LA Villa