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Ergose – Thriassio Pedio Complex

Thriassio Pedio Complex from Ergose

The project involves the construction of a modern complex in Thriassio Pedio, where the railway and freight activities will be accumulated, which are currently interspersed in facilities all over the capital.

The transportation of these installations into the same area, outside the residential web of Athens will have significant environmental and urban planning benefits for the overall urban complex of the capital.

This Complex will include: Shunting Yard, terminal for containers, custom-house, freight center, storehouses, group of tracks for stabling wagons with dangerous loads, washing facilities, as well as all the necessary installations for facilitating the above activities.

Ergose Main

The buildings’ façade is a composition of fixed and operable double-glazed windows, double height glazing façade, U-channel glass, Aluminum cladding and aluminum sunshade system. Shop drawings, construction detail drawings and material work orders for all required materials were delivered to the construction company.

Building – 1

Building – 2

Building – 3

Video by Ergose S.A.


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Building Envelope and Facade Design for ERGOSE - Three Buildings


Ergose - Thriassio Pedio Complex


Bobotis + Bobotis Architects


Engineering - Detailed design, Shop Drawings - Completed

Technical Data

Alustet Engineering L.t.d


Athens, Greece


2016 - 2017