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Tower Villa from Stone

Study Traditional Houses

With a clear rectangular plan and significantly smaller height than that of the towers, the early fortified houses in Pelion are presented. The most representative is the house of Vergi in Anilio that has clearly the characteristics of operation as a space and cottage industry. The retractable wooden bridge connecting a stone staircase with the entrance to the house on the floor and the large projection of the exteriors that existed on its three sides, make it one of the most interesting examples of the species. Its early appearance also shows the preserved arched openings of the floors, a characteristic that is found in all the fortified houses of the same era, for example, at the house of Stellos in Ag. Lavrentio. In this latter, the great freighter remained open as a loggia and with the addition to the west of a new structure, it transformed its plan from a rectangular in the shape of C. The same way of planing has the house of Sisilianos or the Axel tower as it is known in Makrinitsa. Its shape and its internal layout may have been altered in relation to its original state. However, the C-shaped ground plan and the inter-parallel stone wall that divides into two zones the basic rectangle of a “tower”. On this very basic internal division will be built the largest number of houses of acne, when the three categories are established: the “mansions”, “the so-called” and the “folk”.

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Tower Villa from Stone with two floors