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Simple House of Pelion

Study Traditional Houses

Pelion architecture as a recognisimble title is the traditional architecture mansions house and churches of Pelion. This architecture is still applied to infrastructure projects such as taps (or fountains, as they are also called) and bridges. The architecture of Pelion has been preserved for many years and is visimble in each of the villages of Pelion. In almost all Pelion mansions the way of their construction has unique and indigenous characteristics, as they are built with plaques and stones of the wider region. It is worth noting that these materials that contribute to the construction of the mansions have been taken from the mines of Pelion.

Analysis of traditional buildings and complexes (form and construction perspective). Remarkable Greek traditional settlement analysis, aiming to identify its distinct architectural character. Structural analysis of traditional buildings.

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Architectural Sketches


Systematic Analysis of Vernacular Buildings and Settlements


Groundfloor House