Virtual tour through Architectural Space: Stereoscopic animation of 3D model


The subject this lecture refers to is stereoscopic 3D depiction and mostly 3D stereoscopic photorealistic video production in virtual space. The stereo icon, is the picture that consists of two dimensional pictures but can be seen as one three dimensional, where depth and perception of real space is perceived. To view a stereoscopic image, an optic instrument that separates the two images in order each eye to see a different one is needed.

Stereo vision has invaded in sciences like medicine, geology, it is being used from Nasa and astronomy, the army and many other like architecture. In the section of architecture in this research we produced stereo images using the virtual environment of AutoCAD and photorealistic 3D stereoscopic video using the 3DsMax and VRay softwares, in order to attract designers to use this tool for the presentation of their work with realistic visualization of three-dimensional models.

Project Design by Rena Santamouris & Maria Tzortzaki  – RS Architecture

Download the full study of Stereoscopic animation of 3D modelin Greek here: